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Operating Heavy Earthmoving Equipment Safely

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In the construction industry, earthmoving equipment is a crucial requirement in multiple projects. It assists contractors in performing complex projects at a much faster and efficient pace. Property owners need these machines to clear their land, get rid of bulk wastes or even remove their lawn. However, even with all their advantages, these pieces of equipment still have their downsides. They can be just as dangerous as they are effective. A small mistake can lead to severe injuries and many people have fallen victim to such incidents. So if you're planning to hire earthmoving equipment, then here are some safety tips you should be aware of.

Beware of blind spots

Each piece of earthmoving machinery has its blind spots. These are the zones that the operator can't see when operating the equipment. Check the back of the equipment to ensure that no one is behind you when operating it. For very high machines, you'll have to get out of the machine and check to be certain. The worst part is that, due to the noises in a construction site, you may even fail to hear the screams of a person in distress. You could use a two-way radio for communication, and always make sure you watch for anyone who's coming towards you.

Lock the machine during maintenance

Whenever there's a hiccup with the equipment, remember to shut down the equipment and completely lock the controls before attempting any repairs. Any vibrations can trigger motions that may eventually lead to injuries. This is particularly important when you are in an area that is not flat. Tasks such as refuelling should also be done when the equipment is shut off.

This also applies to parking the equipment. You need to ensure it is properly braked before dismounting. Placing it at the neutral position would prevent the machinery from moving unintentionally whenever it's powered on.

Keep the parts lubricated

If you're going to use the equipment for a long time, then you better lubricate the moving parts. That's the only way friction won't cause severe wear on it. Machines that are worn may malfunction and cause dangerous situations during use. When lubricating, you need to apply just enough of it. Too much lubrication would lead to energy loss and excessive grease accumulation. On the other hand, too little lubrication won't provide proper functioning of the moving parts. So check the manufacturer's instructions on your lubrication for the right amount to use on your machines. Also go for lubrication that is recommended by the manufacturer for the best results. 

For more information and tips, contact a local earthmoving hire company.