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How to Avoid Ladder Accidents During DIY Projects

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Many homeowners rent ladders when they would like to perform a home improvement project, such as repainting the interior walls. Such homeowners may not be aware of the basic safety tips that they need to implement in order to avoid getting involved in an accident while using hire access equipment. This article discusses some safety tips that will help you to avoid most ladder accidents.

Pick the Right Ladders

Pay attention to the materials from which the ladders are made before you pick the ones that you want to hire. Aluminium ladders are very common because of their light weight and corrosion resistance. However, aluminium conducts electricity. Never rent aluminium ladders if you would like to work near electricity. Instead, select ladders made from glass reinforced plastic.

Pay Attention to the Firmness of the Ground

Ladders should be set on firm ground so that they remain stable. However, this does not mean that they can never be used where the ground is not firm. You can buy or rent a ladder mat to use underneath the base of the ladders. That mat will help to provide an even surface onto which the ladders can be placed. This will reduce the risk of the ladders shifting while you are using them.

Watch the Weather

The risks of ladder accidents increase when the ladders are used in poor weather, such as during a drizzle. Such weather can cause the ladders to become slippery. The ground onto which the ladders have been set can also become unstable due to the increased volume of moisture absorbed by the soil. These conditions can make it very risky for you to climb onto those ladders. It is better for you to incur the cost of renting those ladders for an extra day rather than risk slipping and falling during bad weather.

Ladders Aren't Multipurpose Tools

Some homeowners make the mistake of using ladders as planks to walk on during DIY projects. This can result in a serious accident when the ladder breaks. Ladders are designed for use as vertical access equipment. Never use them in any other way apart from what they were designed for.

In case you have any queries regarding the safe use of the ladders that you have rented, contact the access-equipment hire company for help. The minutes that you spend getting familiar with the safe use of those ladders will ensure that your project ends without any ladder mishap.