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4 Factors to Consider Before Renting a Mini Excavator

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Mini excavators may be popular among DIY enthusiasts because of their versatility and ease of operation. Pay attention to the following factors in case you would like to rent a mini excavator for a home improvement project, such as improving the drainage on your property.

The Type of Tracks

You can choose the kind of tracks that a mini excavator should have when you go to the equipment hire company. Some mini excavators have metal tracks. Others have rubber tracks. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the rubber tracks are ideal for use on paved surfaces because there will hardly be any damage on your paved driveway or yard. However, such an excavator may not be easy to drive for a long distance because those tracks may be damaged. Pick a mini excavator with tracks that will be suitable for the surface where you will be working.

Tail or Cab Swing

How spacious is the work area where the mini excavator will be operating? If the space is confined, pay attention to the tail or cabin swing of the machine that you rent. A mini excavator with a zero cab swing and zero tail swing would be the best for confined spaces because there will be no risk that the excavator will bump into walls and other structures as you turn it in that tight space.

Comfort Features

Your comfort is critical if your productivity is to be high for several hours when you are in the cab of the mini excavator. You should therefore select a mini excavator that has as many comfort features, such as a suspension seat and air conditioning. Such features will reduce how much fatigue you feel after the DIY project.

Hydraulic Flow and Pressure

Do not pay excessive attention to the horsepower rating of the mini excavator. That horsepower is largely used by the engine to move the machine from one location to another. Instead, pay attention to the hydraulic flow rate and pressure. This measures how much power is available to the different attachments that you can use when you rent the mini excavator. For instance, higher hydraulic pressure may enable the mini excavator to break a pavement faster than another machine that has a lower hydraulic pressure.

The mini excavator that you rent after basing your choice on the factors above will enable you to complete your project quickly and comfortably. In case you have any other queries about additional features to consider, consult mini-excavator hire companies for help.