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Some Accessories to Consider When You Choose a Small Crane Rental

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A homeowner may actually opt for a small crane rental when doing any renovation or remodeling work on their home in order to safely lift certain materials to upper levels and allow for easier construction of a second or third story. If you need to hire a crane for your work for the first time, you may not realize the many accessories that are often available and which can make that work easier on you overall, beyond a standard bucket or claws. Note a few of those accessories here so you can determine which might be good to rent along with your small crane for maximum efficiency.

Cement buckets

A cement bucket has a built-in mixer that continues to turn while the bucket is being lifted and in use. This can keep cement soft and pliable and keep it from setting while being lifted and poured at an elevated height. Getting a cement bucket for your crane means not having to lift bags of cement, mix materials, and mix up the cement once the raw materials reach them. You can safely mix that cement, concrete, plaster, and other such materials on the ground but keep it ready to pour as it's being transported with a cement bucket.

Spreader bars

Spreader bars help to disperse the weight of long items you may need to lift. Sometimes scissors or claws can work to pick up rebar and steel beams, but for very long materials, these items may simply tip and tilt the scissors or claws out of balance. A spreader bar will hook on the crane end with chains that attach to each end of the bar, and then they will have scissors or claws on those ends. This keeps your long, heavy materials more readily balanced and reduces the risk of it toppling as it's being lifted.

Pallet forks

If you have any material that is on a pallet and needs lifting, such as stacks of roofing tiles or buckets of paint, rent pallet forks with your crane. These slide into the bottom of the pallet just like a forklift, and will also have a bar at the top for attaching a chain that keeps the pallet steady and even while it's being lifted. You don't need to worry about adding a temporary elevator or lift for items on a pallet and don't need to unwrap those materials and lift them separately in a bucket when you opt for pallet forks to go with your crane rental.