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How to Prevent Injuries When Using a Crawler Bulldozer on Your Construction Site

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A crawler bulldozer is a powerful piece of machinery that can be used to move earth and push large quantities of rubble, sand and other items on a construction site. It is used to create a level ground on a construction site and is much more efficient as compared to small earth moving equipment. However, with these improved capabilities and efficiency comes the risk of injuries if the equipment is not used correctly. A crawler dozer is large, and if not operated properly, it can be a source of severe personal injuries or even death on your construction site. That's why you need to take the following measures to prevent catastrophic accidents when using the equipment.

Restrict use by unauthorised personnel

It is not uncommon to find construction workers trying to operate the bulldozer without authorisation. Everyone wants the thrill of sitting in the operator's cabin of such a powerful machinery. Unfortunately, such moves are what lead to fatal accidents on sites. No one should be allowed to operate the equipment if they are not licensed or authorised. Spell out these rules to all your workers at the beginning of the project and sound stern warnings to anyone who is found operating the bulldozer without authorisation.

Use barricades to control traffic

A bulldozer is not like a standard vehicle where you can just hit the brakes when someone walks across its path. What's more, due to the location of the cabin, the operator may not be able to see any person or barrier in front or behind the machinery. For this reason, it is very easy to cause accidents on the site. To avoid this, use signs or barricades to cordon of the area when the bulldozer is in operation. Also, sensitize all workers to steer clear of the dozer's path when it is moving earth, sand, or rubble. Let the operator remain aware of any worksite changes that may impact the use of the dozer.

Don't leave dozer unattended

When a crawler dozer is not in use, it should not be left on as it can roll over and run over people and structures. Take measure to ensure that the equipment remains stationary when not in use. It should also be packed on level ground. Inspect the gears, shift and brakes before operations, and make sure that the system fluids are at the right levels. A safety check can save you from fatal accidents that result from faulty brakes or signals.

Bulldozing requires careful consideration of all the safety hazards and how to combat them. Follow these tips to minimize dozer-related accidents on your construction site.