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3 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Forklift To Hire

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Forklift hire is a cost-effective alternative to buying forklifts. To get value from your hire, you must ensure that you choose the right lift truck for your specific application. To do so, here is a look at 3 major considerations to bear in mind when choosing a forklift rental for your construction project.

1. Load Size

When hiring a forklift, you want a unit with enough lifting capacity to lift your loads. Keep in mind not just the average load weight, but also the heaviest load that you will need the forklift to lift.

Using a lift truck with a maximum lift capacity that is lower than the weight of the loads being lifted increases the risk of tip-over accidents that can result in damage not only to the load but also to the forklift itself. Your rental company will charge you for any damage to the forklift.

Apart from the load weight, you should also consider the type of load and its specific dimensions. Loads of irregular shape and certain dimensions may be difficult to centre properly and may require the use of special attachments. Knowing this will ensure that you hire the proper attachments along with the forklift.

2. Height Considerations

Height is another crucial factor to consider when it comes to forklift hire. Take note of any height restrictions at your construction site to ensure that you hire a truck that isn't too tall.

Another factor to have in mind is how high you will need the forklift to reach. For transport around the site, the loads will only need to be lifted a few inches high, but if you need to, say, unload building materials from the delivery and stack them high up, then you need a forklift that can reach these heights.

3. Where It Will Be Used

Different forklifts are suited for use in different environments. When choosing a unit for your forklift hire, bear in mind where the truck will be used. How is the terrain at your construction site? This will inform your selection in terms of the type of forklift to hire, the tyres to choose and the fuel type used by the truck.

You can discuss these and other considerations with your rental company and rest assured that you will walk away with the right truck. Some forklift hire companies will even agree to an on-site assessment to help you in finding the right forklift.