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Which Types Of Crushed Rock Do You Need For Your Residential Projects?

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A myriad of construction projects will need crushed rock for various applications. Nonetheless, choosing the right crushed stone for your project is not as simple as going to the nearest quarry and requesting gravel supplies. There are different kinds of rock that are ground specifically for construction use. Thus, you need to know what type of crushed rock will meet your needs before you can go and purchase these supplies. This article touches on four of the different types of crushed rock that you may require for your residential construction project.

Crushed quarry rock

If you are in search of the cheapest gravel supplies for your project, crushed quarry rock is an economical choice. This type of stone is the roughest available and comprises the pulverised rock, grains of rock and stone dust. Crushed quarry rock works best as backfill, as the material can be compressed to create a hard, tightly packed surface.

Crushed raw stone

This is another of the most basic forms of crushed rock that you will come across in your search for gravel supplies. The stone is not treated once the gravel suppliers pulverise it, so it usually is quite dusty. Crushed raw stone is one of the conventional gravel supplies that is employed for the construction of a base. Hence, you can use it as part of the foundation for your residential shed or any other supplementary structure. Crushed raw stone can also be utilised for the laying of a temporary driveway as you wait to undergo complete driveway construction.

Crushed washed stone

Individuals that do not want to be burdened with dealing with excessive dust while employing their gravel supplies may find crushed washed stone suitable for their project. As implied by its name, the crushed rock is exhaustively rinsed after it has been put through the fragmentation process. Crushed washed stone is especially beneficial if you will be employing the gravel supplies extensively, as it will help with minimising the clouds of dust that will be saturating the project's site.

Crushed decorative rock

If your residential project relates to hardscaping with the aim of elevating the appeal, then crushed decorative rock is the best option for this kind of projects. There are a number of differences between crushed decorative rock and other types of gravel supplies. To begin with, the decorative rock is pulverised into much smaller pieces than other conventional crushed rock supplies. Thus, the decorative gravel has a fineness to it. Secondly, crushed decorative rock is available in a myriad of naturally occurring colours. Therefore, you get the chance to bolster your landscape's appeal without having to resort to synthetic supplies.