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Why Diamond Blades Are Best For Core Drilling Equipment

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Core drilling is critical for a myriad of applications ranging from concreting to construction. As long as holes need to be created in a material, core drilling is the technique to employ. However, while there are an array of blades that you can choose from, diamond blades are the top choice for a majority of professionals due to the advantages that they provide. While the name may imply that the entire blade comprises a diamond, the reality is that the blade is made up of steel that contains synthetic diamond crystal. The diamonds are synthetic rather than the naturally occurring stones found in jewellery. If it is the first time that you are deliberating on purchasing cutting materials for core drilling equipment, here is why diamond blades will be the best option for your application:

Diamond blades are cost-saving in the long run

Core drilling equipment is not cheap. Thus, when contemplating blades for the machinery, you may be tempted to go with the most affordable option in the market. Nonetheless, blades are not created the same. Diamond blades cost much more than their counterparts, such as abrasive blades; however, it is worth noting that diamond blades have a much longer lifespan than any other blades in the market. Thus, investing in these types of blades means you can use them in conjunction with your core drilling equipment for the long term. Moreover, diamond blades are strong and versatile enough to be utilised on an array of materials. Thus, having diamond blades eliminates the need to purchase additional core drilling equipment for different cutting jobs.

Diamond blades are a time-saving option

Core cutting is a labour-intensive project. Hence, if you are working on one project that will need a considerable amount of your time, you could end up losing money by not having the chance to engage in additional core cutting projects. What you are not taking into consideration is that the type of blades you choose to work with will have a direct impact on how long the cutting process will take. Diamond blades save you time since they cut faster than conventional blades. The reason for this is that the diamond blades have higher heat resistance and are capable of handling hard materials. When you make the switch to diamond blades you spend less time cutting through different supplies and, in turn, get a chance to work on more projects.