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Building a Pool in Your Yard? Here's How to Prepare for Excavation Work

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For you to install a pool in your yard, you need to carry out some excavation work to move earth and make space for the pool. The project requires a lot of prior planning and preparation to reduce downtime and save costs in the long run. Thus, as you choose your preferred pool design and engage a contractor, here are some crucial things you should do in preparation for the excavation work.

Get Permits Early

A pool installation project requires you to obtain permits from the local authorities. The authorities have to ascertain that your pool design complies with the prevailing regulations. Some of these permits can take weeks or months to be processed. If you wait too long, this can stall your project, as you cannot start excavation work without receiving the green light from the authorities.

Thus, strive to get the permits early so the excavation work can commence. Some excavation companies offer to help with the permit application process. Therefore, if you're stuck, approach your excavating contractor for professional advice on how to apply for the permits and get approved.

Prepare the Excavation Site

Excavation work for swimming pool installation involves a lot of earthmoving and land-clearing work to prep the site. The machinery and equipment used are large and heavy, and they can ruin your furniture and plants. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have removed anything valuable on or around the site.

Move your outdoor furniture away to avoid damage during the project. If you have plants you want to save, you should also consider replanting them in a new location before the project. You may also have larger trees or shrubs you don't want to cut. These will require meticulous planning to ensure growth in the new location. Make arrangements with an arborist to avoid the last-minute rush.

Create Access Points for Heavy Equipment 

Not all homes have large backyards or entry points for large machinery such as excavators. You may need to make prior preparations to ensure the equipment can easily access your yard without causing damage to your outdoor space. For example, you may have to use a different entry point, and this would require proper planning.

Ask the excavating contractor to visit the site beforehand so you can make arrangements on how the machinery will access the site. This will avoid downtime and save you from making hurried or unwise choices on the excavation day.

Planning for a pool excavation project is the key to a successful project. Find an excavation contractor for a consultation and professional excavating services.