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Two Reasons Why Backhoes Are Used So Frequently During Construction Projects

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Here are two reasons why backhoes are used so frequently during construction projects.

They are easy to manoeuvre and can be used in hard-to-access areas

One reason why so many construction teams use backhoes is that this piece of equipment is one of the easiest to manoeuvre and can be used in areas of a site that are hard to access. This is because a typical backhoe is lighter and more compact than many other types of heavy construction equipment. As such, the operator of a backhoe can easily fit it into a relatively narrow or confined part of a building site to do some digging and grading or to pick up some materials in these compact spaces.

Another feature of a typical backhoe that makes manoeuvring this equipment easy, and that allows the person operating it to work in small spaces, is its articulating chassis. This enables the operator to move the front and rear parts of the backhoe independently. This can make turning the equipment when it's being used in small areas quite simple and quick. Furthermore, some backhoe models also have the ability to move in multiple directions; they can, for example, move sideways, forwards, backward, and can even partly rotate on the spot. As such, if for example, there are only some very narrow paths between multiple excavated areas on a building site, the backhoe could make its way across these paths quickly and safely, whilst lifting materials into or out of these excavations or digging more soil out of them.

They are multifunctional

Another reason why backhoes are used on so many construction sites is that they're multifunctional. They can perform the same functions as front loaders and excavators (i.e., material handling and digging), and can also be used for grading uneven ground surfaces.

As such, a contractor who rents a backhoe for their project may be able to spare themselves the costs of also hiring a front loader and an excavator. Being able to use one piece of equipment for multiple aspects of the construction work can also cut down on the money a contractor has to spend on equipment maintenance, fuel and the wages of the equipment operators. Furthermore, if there is limited space on their building site, being able to use a backhoe to carry out multiple types of construction work could also give a contractor more space for the storage of their building materials and for creating the structures they need to build. Lastly, if a contractor can use a backhoe to do multiple types of work, then they won't waste any extra time having their operators switch between different forms of equipment every time they need them to carry out a new task that requires that equipment.